“Changing the Way you Sell your Home”  

Our trademark above defines our impetus.

Our clients get nothing less of, the only element we give less of – is our commission. You’re reading this because you spend your free time on the Internet, where you adjudicate, review, and sometimes celebrate the commodity you may have found, could be a pair of expensive shoes, maybe real estate? The Internet has changed the way real estate is bought and sold today. It’s no longer about the real estate agent because they hold all the data on a property, all that can be found on the Internet (Zillow, Trulia, Redfin etc.)

We don’t market our listings to buyers with endless screenplay adjectives like most companies. We market with cash rebates and we’re proud to be one of the first to drive this logic forward and when you hear it, you’ll understand how we move to a different beat.    

There will always be a need for a human element in Real Estate and we are those humans. 

Our Respect from you will be earned.

     The Cassa1 Family